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Dec. 5th, 2009


"even though I know my around
possibly there's something that I found
holding on for finding solid ground
someday soon"


this song makes me truly happy
its comforting when everything is going wrong,
to know about a million girls feel the same.

i think women are such empowering humans
i dont have much against guys
but honestly females really are the stronger species
i mean we can do everything
AND look good while we do it

i just watched The Women

which might be where this rant is coming from
but i think all my points are valid anyway

ps. if any of you have seen it, bette midler = hilarious.
i wanna be her bestfriend

xo, alaska

Dec. 4th, 2009


Hi everyone!
i haven't posted in sooo long! A lot of my friends on here are inactive but you all know you can text me still i alwaysss have my sidekick in my hand. And i just downloaded this app that lets me blog from my phone so i think Im gonna keep up with it more. Anyway im good sort of sick though so no partying for me tonight. I have the worst migrane its even hard to look at the light from my computer but im so fucking bored, i'll suffer through it. I'm counting down the days till i go to the bahamas in january but im bummed none of my friends can go because of pricey airfare. lameee. thats ok my older sister will be there so we'll hit up the clubs. you only have to be 18 to drink and go to clubs there and i just happen to be the magic number (:

movie time, text me (:

loveeeeeeee xo, alaska

Mar. 14th, 2009

Wide Awake and Dreaming

We got sick from our little before dawn adventure. In desperate desire to regain the ability to breathe through our noses and laugh without coughing, we spent the day with blue raspberry slushies and I Dream of Jeannie re-runs =) So it wasn't that bad. Except that I can't fall asleep. I tried a hot bath but it was less than successful. So now I'm just sitting on the edge of my windowsill dangling my legs over the egde,
praying for rain.


Mar. 12th, 2009

Adventure is reason for being

Another sleepless night. Before this morning’s sunrise I drove to my best friend’s house, climbed in through her bedroom window and jumped on her bed until she reluctantly got up. Certain kinds of people find my spontaneity entertaining, she is one of them. My parents on the other hand, well luckily they won’t even notice I’m gone. After she got dressed she left a note for her parents reading, “Alaska broke in again and is taking me hostage. See you after school.” Way to stomp all over my whole stealth-like breaking and entering, if I knew she was going to tell her parents I would have just rung the doorbell. Still, we had to sneak out her window so Seven, Baya, and Chelsea (her dogs) wouldn‘t go nuts. So we got in the car and she is talking my ear off about how we are driving in circles, which we were, but I was looking for something. Twenty minutes later I found it. Heated pool (= We raced to it and jumped in not even worrying if the owners heard our splashes. We swam until it wasn’t quite sunrise, but it was light out. We got out freezing our butts off and blasted the heat in the car trying to dry our icicle hair. We drove and drove until we found the perfect spot to watch the sun come up. We covered ourselves in blankets and got as close as we could get to my car so the heat from the exhaust would make us warmer. We laid still, laughing and smoking until Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones came on and I insisted we dance. Being my crazy best friend I knew she wouldn’t object so we danced on till morning.

this is my favorite time of day, when its beginning to get light.
It isn't night anymore but it isn't morning either.


my first post

Slightly inexperienced but in no way a virgin to blogging, I think the first post is awkward. It isn't like you can get right down to it and write about whatever you need a blog to talk about, nor can you start writing about unimportant nonsense on your very first post. So I might just write a little about myself for starters.

My name is Alaska. I'm seventeen and I love drawing and painting. I can spend all day in a book store or vinyl shop. I hate the feeling of restlessness. New York is where I feel at home but driving down dirt roads with the windows down and my best friend next to me will always have a place in my heart. I love fields of wild flowers and the lake. My eyes change colors depending on the weather. I love hookah bars and hole in the wall pubs where local musicians play. I dance and twirl around whether music is playing or not, it feels like freedom. I think there is a difference between being free and feeling free. I wouldn't say i'm clumsy i don't constantly drops or ruin things I just find myself often falling. Bad habits include; swearing like a sailor, not having a filter when it comes to saying whatever comes to mind, and I smoke like a chimney, don't start it is an expensive habit. I love captivating, fascinating people, or really anyone who isn't boring. Anything is better then being boring!